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The Spring Supplier RFID Workshop is designed to educate those responsible for compliance programs within their organizations on how to RFID tag products and manage the encoding of serialized data on the tags. Anyone who is currently charged with ensuring bar code compliance, as well as IT managers, packaging engineers and others who support RFID tagging programs, will benefit from attending.

Busy Conference

By attending, you will:


  • Learn about and the different types of RFID tags and how to select the right ARC certified tag for your products.

  • Hear different options for source tagging and ensuring proper encoding of serialized data.

  • Find out how to successfully validate your tagging solution through the ALEC program.

  • Gain insights into how RFID can be used within your own operations to cut costs and streamline processes.

  • See demonstration of RFID tagging.

  • Learn about hardware options for reading tags and verifying shipments.

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