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Auburn RFID Lab Tours and Q&A Sessions

Get a tour of the Auburn RFID Lab and see RFID technology demonstrated in the supplier environment. Learn about the research the lab has been working on and get your questions answered. Tours will be scheduled throughout the day. We will send out links for registering after people register for the workshop.

Location: RFID Lab, 1550 E Glenn Ave Auburn, AL 36849


RFID Supplier Source Tagging Conference

Location: The Auburn Hotel and Conference Center

9:15 AM

Welcome — Program Alignment in 2023

Speaker: Justin Patton, Executive Director of RFID Lab and Professor of Practice,

Auburn University RFID Lab

9:45 AM

Retailer Panel: RFID Program Expansions 

During this panel, some of the leading retailers asking suppliers to RFID tag goods will explain the current state of their RFID programs and discuss recent expansions of those plans into new categories.

10:30 AM

Getting Started 

Your company has been asked to put RFID tags on the products it ships to retail customers. Where do start? This session will explain the first steps your firm needs to take to comply with customer tagging requirements.

11:15 AM

Understanding RFID Playbooks 

Retailers requesting suppliers to RFID tag products have produced playbooks that explain what they are requiring, including the items that should be tagged, the tags that should be used, the data that should be encoded on the tags, and the data that should be encoded on the tag and the information that should be printed on the tag. This session will explain how to read playbooks and use them to guide your RFID tagging program.

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:30 PM

Everything You Need to Know About the ARC Program
The Auburn Radio Compliance (ARC) program was founded in 2009, and over the last decade has become the universal language for identifying and communicating passive UHF RFID inlay requirements across the RFID ecosystem. ARC Quality certification ensures that the tag manufacturer has a well implemented QMS that covers all the critical aspects of design and manufacture of RFID tags. This session will explain the ARC process and how to choose the right ARC-certified tags for your company's products.

2:15 PM

Everything You Need to Know About RFID Label Serialization and Encoding  

It's not enough to put RFID tags on products. The tags must be encoded with the proper Electronic Product Code. This session will explain how encode tags with the right serialized data.

2:45 PM


3:00 PM

Everything You Need to Know About ALEC 

The Auburn University RFID Lab created the ALEC program to create a standardized packaging validation process. This session explains  about the process and how to ensure your company is compliant.

3:45 PM

How Does RFID Benefit Your Supply Chain Operations

RFID is being pushed by retailers, but suppliers can also benefit from using the technology within their own supply chains. This session explains how and where suppliers can use RFID to improve their operations.

4:30 PM

RFID Data and Sharing Data

RFID allows companies to collect accurate, real-time supply chain data. Sharing the data allows for cross-supply chain efficiencies. This session will delve into the benefits of sharing RFID data and how to do it.

5:00 PM


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